#SolidarityCoffeeLovers Club

The Solidarity Coffee Lovers Club is composed of companies, organizations and institutions that donate or collaborate solidarily with Share A Coffee For.

Share A Coffee For enables companies, institutions –both private and public– to collaborate with solidarity projects through one-off or periodical donations. Share A Coffee For turns the value of such donations –linked to the coffee culture– into its equivalent in number of solidarity coffees, becoming a kind gesture to make this world a better place.

There are three ways of making a donation for Share A Coffee For:

☕️ One-off donations: You can donate a specific amount that you company chooses, which will be helping to realize several solidarity projects simultaneously.

☕️ Collaborative donations: The whole company and its community participate, encouraging employees and customers to actively participate donating their solidarity coffees at the virtual coffee maker at shareacoffeefor.org.

☕️ Special actions: You can organize special events and collaborate with activities linked to coffee, exhibitions, art auctions, etc. Share A Coffee For adapts to every proposal.

Every solidarity coffee donated by your company will be equally distributed among all the projects that form the 9 areas of support of Share A Coffee For.

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Guide to collaborate

Companies, organizations and institutions that collaborate solidarily with
Share A Coffee For

Logo MamaElba Club Cafeteros Solidarios

Logo IrisPress Club Cafeteros Solidarios

share a coffee for, cafe solidario

Logo San Eulogio Club Cafeteros San Eulogio

Logo YaTuSabes y SiempreViva Club Cafeteros Solidarios

Logo Cafeteando Club Cafeteros Solidarios

Logo Florea Club Cafeteros Solidarios

Logo Vinilbros Club Cafeteros Solidarios

Logo Morse Club Cafeteros Solidarios

Logo Ateneo Varillas Club Cafeteros Solidarios

Logo CD Estudio Club Cafeteros Solidarios

Logo Sedimas, Share A Coffee For

Logo Diamant2000, Share A Coffee For

Logo Vivienda2, Share A Coffee For

villaviciosa digital, share a coffee for

Thanks to our Solidarity Coffee Lovers, we serve coffees non-stop and we turn them into help.

If you want to make a donation via bank transfer, you can do it here:

ES30 1491 0001 2530 0006 0668
Thank you!