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Solidarity coffees that turn into help

Share A Coffee For is a solidarity initiative created to support different projects needing funds to continue their work. Each virtual solidarity coffee turns into direct help for the project with which you share your coffee.

The social act of sharing a cup of coffee generates a dialogue and communication, bringing people and cultures together from every part of the world. This simple gesture can contribute to help a just cause, only by turning our daily coffees into solidarity coffees.

Share A Coffee For is a solidarity movement that aims at generating –through the culture of coffee– a new social awareness that makes our world a better place. It’s a movement that makes us aware of the fact that the value of a coffee on this side of the world can make a big change in the lives of the people that most need it.

It’s a community of people helping other people, a community of solidarity coffee lovers.

In Share A Coffee For we raise funds to help solidarity projects that are being implemented in the field with honesty and transparency. Share A Coffee For is in charge of auditing that every single donation arrives entirely to its destination so that companies, institutions and individuals can check what their donations –their solidarity coffees– turn into.

Share A Coffee For coordinates and audits solidarity projects within the 9 areas of support: Humanitarian Aid, Environment, Aid to Childhood, Women, Education, Elderly, Social Aid and Emergencies, Protection to Animals and Health.

You choose who you want to help, where and how, and the amount of coffees you wish to donate to the virtual coffee maker at shareacoffeefor.org.

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If you wish to donate via bank transfer, you can do it here:

ES30 1491 0001 2530 0006 0668
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