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Turn your coffee into help

#ACoffeeForLife is a solidarity initiative of Share A Coffee For aimed at raising funds
for Medical Care and Nutrition Projects.

Help us raise funds with a simple gesture: donating your virtual solidarity coffee!

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18 kids have recovered from the severe acute malnutrition they were suffering, by treating them with therapeutic food, antibiotics, necessary medical follow-up and nursing —until they could go back home with out-patient follow up


The funds raised from this initiative will be donated entirely to:

a coffee for life, share a coffee for, alegria sin fronteras

For Re-nutrition Therapeutic Project at Gambo Hospital (Ethiopia) on treatment against child malnutrition. With 2 coffees we can treat a child with severe acute malnutrition for 1 day. The average stay at the Therapeutic Re-nutrition Unit is 3 weeks (21 days): with 42 coffees ☕️☕️ we can cure a child.

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