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Share A Coffee For is a solidarity initiative aimed at raising funds for social projects
with one simple gesture: donating your virtual solidarity coffee

Choose your flavor and turn it into aid:

A Coffee For Refugees

a coffee for the earth

A Coffee For The Earth

a coffee for a smile, share a coffee for

A Coffee For A Smile

a coffee for her

A Coffee For Her

a coffee for

A Coffee For A School

a coffee for grandpa, share a coffee for, solidarity coffee

A Coffee For Grandpa

a coffee for hope, share a coffee for

A Coffee For Hope

a coffee for noah, share a coffee for, cafe solidario

A Coffee For Noah

a coffee for life, share a coffee for, cafe solidario

A Coffee For Life

share a coffee for, cafe solidario

Virtual Coffees Shared

How does your solidarity coffee help?

shareacoffeefor, share a coffee for, cafe solidario

Solidarity #CoffeeLovers Club

Companies, organisations and institutions which collaborate solidarily with
Share A Coffee For

share a coffee for, cafe solidario

Logo San Eulogio Club Cafeteros San Eulogio

Logo YaTuSabes y SiempreViva Club Cafeteros Solidarios

Logo Cafeteando Club Cafeteros Solidarios

Logo Florea Club Cafeteros Solidarios

Logo Vinilbros Club Cafeteros Solidarios

Logo Morse Club Cafeteros Solidarios

Logo Ateneo Varillas Club Cafeteros Solidarios

Logo CD Estudio Club Cafeteros Solidarios

Logo DoEat, Share A Coffee For, Club Cafeteros Solidarios

Logo Diamant2000, Share A Coffee For

Logo Sedimas, Share A Coffee For

Logo Vivienda2, Share A Coffee For

Logo MamaElba Club Cafeteros Solidarios

villaviciosa digital, share a coffee for


Which colour is your coffee?

share a coffee for, shareacoffeefor

Are you a solidarity coffee lover?
Discover what your solidarity coffee turns into